The pay per ticket pricing does not have overages. If you go over the package you select the price per ticket goes down.

We offer many web hosting support solutions, including telephone and chat support services. We offer complete hosting solutions for your support needs. Also we offer a free support audit and an account manager will get you the best possible pricing

Our branded 100% North American support specialists, allows our staff to integrate into your support. We act as your in-house staff and we treat each customer with the utmost care to build your brand. The best part about outsourcing your help desk support to Support Guru is that you can still keep it branded under your company name. This is vital to your success because you want the support to appear as if it’s coming from your company, not a third-party. Setting up your own in-house support team is very expensive and time consuming. Not only does the expense make it difficult to establish great in-house support, but the lack of experts also makes it hard. However, you can outsource your hosting support to our team of experts and we will make sure it’s completely branded with your company name.

All our support specialists are located in North America in one of our two North American locations. 

All staff are located in North America, this provides you a fully trained support team that can integrate into your support desk without your clients knowing support is outsourced. Support Guru is a branded support solution, this means all responses in your help desk reflect as your company not ours if this is what you are looking for.