Looking for Helpdesk support? Work with the company that delivers lightning-fast 24/7 technical, billing, and pre-sales support to customers all around the world from right here in North America.  98% of the tickets we handle are resolved within the first 60 minutes. Our average response time is under 20 minutes. Stop waiting for support. Get it now with Support Guru!

  • North American Support
  • 24/7 365
  • Branded support
  • Shared support staff
  • Fast responses
  • Quick resolutions

Get Helpdesk Support The Right Way

Our Helpdesk is the foundation of our technical support services. Our technical specialists assist your customers, allowing you to focus on other tasks to successfully run your business. We will work with your customers to ensure they receive the support they need as fast as possible. 

Helpdesk is often the preferred method of technical support for customers. While some customers enjoy phone calls or a live chat online, some prefer to open a support ticket to ask their questions and wait for a response as it suits them. With our helpdesk support, your customers gain easy and open access to your support team!

Looking for more?

Support Guru also offers phone support and live chat support if those options suit your business needs and clients better! We handle a wide scope of issues from all popular OS and control panels including CentOS, cPanel, WHM, and H-Sphere. We provide the same unparalleled level of support regardless of the platform you use!

At Support Guru, our first response is usually our last response. Get your tech support as fast as possible through Help Desk!